Experience the timeless tradition of Ayurveda at Aadisakthi Leisure Resort. We present you an array of therapeutic packages, designed for all seasons, with a special emphasis on the monsoon. According to Ayurvedic principles, the monsoon season is ideal for comprehensive Ayurvedic healthcare. These programs encompass rejuvenation therapy, diverse clinical packages, and beauty treatments that can transform both your appearance and well-being.

At Aadisaktthi Resort in Kovalam, our Ayurveda Center is meticulously designed in accordance with traditional principles, fostering the essence of Ayurveda. We offer four authentically crafted, well-equipped treatment rooms, allowing ample natural light and fresh air to enhance your experience. Additionally, we provide a dedicated steam bath chamber and a consultation area for our primary doctor, complete with a welcoming guest lobby.

Aadisaktthi Resort’s Ayurveda Center seamlessly combines age-old wisdom, contemporary luxury, and the rejuvenating influence of nature, offering a genuinely immersive and life-enriching Ayurvedic journey.

Relax, Renew, Revive